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Nature Books

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The Friends of Dr. Plexippus

Written by Natalie Gagnon
Illustrated by Dennis Auth

Although Ray has lived next door to Dr. Plexippus all his life, he doesn't really know him. One day, Ray finds the doctor busy in his garden. When he takes the opportunity to find out what the doctor is up to, he ends up with more questions than answers. The doctor is preparing for a visit from some mysterious travelers, and Ray decides to help the doctor so he can learn more about them. 26 pages with full color illustrations. 

Guess What's In the Tide Pool?

Written by Natalie Gagnon

Imagine a creature that can squeeze itself into a tiny crack to escape danger or disappear in a cloud of ink. How about an animal that eats with its feet or one that squirts its guts out when it is frightened? This book takes a look at some of the strange and wonderful creatures you may encounter when you visit a Pacific Coast tide pool, engaging children with its game-like format and stunning color photographs. 

No More Bugs!

Written by Natalie Gagnon
Illustrated by Brendon Farley

Katy hates bugs. Then she meets a friendly cricket who changes her mind. Katy learns how insects are useful to farmers, gardeners, scientists, and police; and how they are valuable to all people because they pollinate our crops and provide useful products like fabric, paint, and honey. Read along and learn... just like Katy did. 36 pages with full color illustrations.

The Quail's Tale

Written by Natalie Gagnon
Illustrated by Brendon Farley

Learn about the fascinating creatures of the Sonoran Desert through the eyes of a Gambel’s quail pair as they raise their chicks in this hostile but beautiful environment. This story showcases the various adaptations used by desert birds struggling to survive in an arid ecosystem. 42 pages with full color illustrations.


Field Notes: Interpretations of Nature, Volumes 1 & 2

Edited by Natalie Gagnon

A stirring collection of 28 original poems and short stories celebrating the bond people share with their natural environment. Authors and photographers from around the world contributed to these anthologies. 80 pages with full color photographs.

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